This project has shot on locations through out Door County including Washington Island.  The movie follows a team of trained paranormal investigators as they explore various “haunted” sights in Wisconsin’s Door County peninsula.  As rich in folklore and history as it is natural beauty, Door County has long been the birthplace of ghostly tales and accounts of paranormal experiences.  The team of investigators embarked on a week and a half long investigation.They went to many of the most renowned locations for stories of unexplained phenomena and encounters with the region’s resident phantoms.  The team used scientific methods and gear during the investigation while researching firsthand accounts and recited age-old legends of things not of this world. It all adds up to take the audience on a first class ghost tour of the region.  Along the way, the team gets to meet the colorful people, explore the haunted sites and see the breathless beauty that makes Door County one of the Midwest’s premier tourism destinations.  In the end, the team will pass scientific judgment on the validity of these haunted locales.

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